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ARCH 4621 Sustainable Architecture: the Science and Politics of Green Building

Spring 2019

Jonathan Ochshorn

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Final paper: Political trajectory of a "green" issue

Assigned: March 5, 2019
Due: Exam week, day and time TBD (either deliver hard copy to my office, or email word.doc or pdf as attachment).

Topic: Research and write about a "green" problem involving either location, site, water or waste, energy, atmosphere, materials, or indoor environmental quality.

Describe the "trajectory" of the problem: How did the problem arise? When did it become noticed and placed on the political agenda? Were voluntary standards promulgated? Were they effective? What were the arguments for and against government intervention and who made these arguments? Was a cost/benefit argument made? How and why was the problem resolved? Was the resolution satisfactory to all parties?

Requirements: 1600-2000 words, or approximately 5-6 typed pages, 1.5 line spacing; include proper parenthetical citations or footnotes/endnotes for all quotes, images, or ideas that are not your own.

Partial list of possible topics (or select your own topic):

Indoor environmental quality: