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ARCH 2614/5614 Lecture notes

Jonathan Ochshorn

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Lecture notes for ARCH 2614/5614 (always under construction).

Overview, systems, Masterformat, Uniformat

Fire safety overview, sprinklers

Construction types and occupancy

Area calculations and examples

Mixed occupancies, barriers, and assemblies



Sustainability: an introduction

Materials - Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing

Building security and communications systems

Overview of technical documents and specifications

Overview of structure, enclosure, and building systems

Movement, joints, and flashing

Sealant joints

Control layers

Wall sections: foundations

Wall sections: brick/stone veneer

Wall sections: Curtain walls and glazing systems

Wall sections: Precast and metal panels and EIFS

Roofing: steep-slope and low-slope

Technical documentation: working drawings (in-class Milstein Hall case study)

Large-scale views of conveying systems (elevators, escalators) and stairs

Schedules and interior finishes

Plumbing and electrical systems