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Sealant joint width calculator

Sealant joint width calculator

Jonathan Ochshorn

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Directions: First, use the drop-down menu to select inch-Fahrenheit units or mm-Celcius units. Changing the units does not convert the values entered in the yellow fields below: you need to enter correct values manually. After selecting units, enter values in the yellow fields for panel length, coefficient of thermal expansion of the panel material, and so forth. Additional information about sealant joint calculations can be found here.

typical elevation of panels and sealant joints
Fig. 1. Elevation showing panel length in relation to sealant joint width for vertical (labeled "length 1" and "width 1") and horizontal (labeled "length 2" and "width 2") joints.

Movement type
Thermal movement therm coeff max hot temp install temp value therm coeff install temp min cold temp value
Moisture movement length (in) moist expan value length (in) moist contract value
Structural deflection
Subtotal: joint movement
Sealant movement capability (%)
Additional width for tolerances
Sealant joint width