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ARCH 2614/5614 Building Technology I: Materials and Methods

Fall 2017

Jonathan Ochshorn

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Assignment 1: Comparison of Masterformat and Uniformat

Issued Aug. 23, 2017
Due Aug. 30, 2017 (in class)

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  1. Find an appropriate Masterformat number (alternative source) corresponding to each Uniformat Level 2 Group Element (for "Major Group" Level 1 elements A - F only — see page 12 of the Uniformat PDF) for an architectural design consisting of a 4-story wood-framed apartment house with ordinary spread concrete footings; a concrete block (masonry) foundation wall creating a basement; wood wall, roof, and floor structure (i.e., wood studs, joists, and rafters); brick veneer exterior with vinyl windows; asphalt shingle roofing; wood-framed gypsum board painted partitions; wood stairs; an elevator; standard plumbing fixtures and systems; central air conditioning; fire sprinklers; standard electrical service, kitchen appliances and furnishings; and an on-grade swimming pool. Assume that an existing structure on the site was demolished and removed.

  2. Format the assignment in a two-column table printed on "ANSI B" 11 x 17 inch paper, with a border and title block following the guidelines in the National Cad Standard (see week 1 readings for details).

    Place the Level 2 Uniformat categories in the left column, and the corresponding Masterformat numbers and titles in the right column. For the Masterformat numbers and titles, show the entire hierarchical path, beginning with the first Masterformat level and ending with the most detailed level that seems appropriate. For example, if this was a steel-framed building, the Masterformat equivalent for Uniformat's Level 2 B10 Super Structure might be formatted as follows:

    B10 Super Structure 05 00 00 Metals --> 05 10 00 Structural metal framing --> 05 12 00 Structural steel framing --> 05 12 23 Structural steel for buildings.

    Note that the Masterformat "hierarchy" is a bit strange: it is important to realize that, in the example immediately above, 05 12 00 is actually a subset of 05 10 00.

  3. Only one Masterformat "path" is required for each Uniformat category, even if more than one relevant Masterformat number can be found: just pick whatever seems most important or most relevant. It is also possible to end the Masterformat hierarchical path before reaching the most detailed level: for example, it is certainly appropriate to provide only the most general Masterformat number for Uniformat's D50 Electrical.

  4. You are encouraged to work in groups consisting of 2 to 6 students. To facilitate NAAB documentation, each group should consist of either undergraduate or graduate students, but not both.